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What better way to unwind than to watch the sun set over St. Ives and the bay. We get some of the best sunsets in the country as once you get past St. Ives there isn't any other lights until you hit America!

We're so fortunate to have Hayle Beach on our doorstep. It is nationally regarded as one of the best beaches in the country. Hayle Beach is five miles of glorious golden sands stretching from the front of Toms Holidays all the way to Godrevy with its famous lighthouse, the same lighthouse that inspired Virginia Woolf' seminal work 'To the Lighthouse'.

The landscape has always inspired authors and artists. St. Ives in particular has always been a hub of artistic creativity culminating with the 'St. Ives School' art movement that started in the 1920s. The Tate Gallery is a great resource which has many exhibitions covering both historic as well as contemporary artists.

Music is also a large part of the community in West Cornwall. Bands of many different genres can often be found in many of the bars and restaurants in Hayle and St. Ives